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Take the first step towards rehab and recovery from Alcohol. We specialize in Alcohol medical detox and addiction withdrawal management that will guide you through a smooth and safe withdrawal.

Benefits of Medical Detox Center Toronto Treatment:

  • Over 20 years of experience focused on medical detox.
  • High-quality care and undivided attention to a small number of clients.
  • A highly professional and dedicated team with expertise in a variety of treatment areas.
  • Tailored treatment protocols in line with updated detox methods.
  • A variety of rehabilitation treatment recovery options.
  • A relaxed facility in a cozy and upscale countryside setting.
  • Withdrawals safely managed under 24/7 medical supervision.
  • Specialization in Suboxone & Methadone detoxification.

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Medical Detox Center Toronto is a 5-Star Detoxification Facility

Medical Detox Center Toronto amenities and services

  • Private and semi-private rooms
  • Spacious living areas with entertainment options
  • A nutritional program that accelerates recovery
  • A picturesque two-acre facility with green areas, trees and flowers
  • Available transportation, by request, to and from the facility, within reasonable distances
  • Healthy food and fresh drinks to help with the detox process and replenish low levels of vitamins and minerals

Our Approach to Addiction Treatment

No two users are alike.

Choosing the appropriate model and increasing the chances for success depends on many factors. At Medical Detox Center Toronto, we:

  • Know there is no one-size-fits-all method.
  • Personalize treatments for the detox phase and during the recovery protocol post detox.
  • Work with you to match the exit plan to your specific needs and lifestyle.
  • Believe an exit plan is crucial to achieving long-term sobriety.
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Our Detox Programs: What We Treat

Our detox program covers the following drugs and substances, among many and you get rid of them from your body: fentanyl, oxycodone, Dilaudid, alcohol, marijuana, heroin, cocaine/crack, amphetamines and meth, prescription medication misuse, suboxone, valium, lorazepam, sleeping/mood altering medications, hallucinogens and volatile substances.

Alcohol Detox

At Medical Detox Center Toronto, we use our experience to provide an effective treatment protocol to help clients get alcohol out of the body and slowly bring them down safely. We are experts in this field and will help ensure a safe withdrawal.

Methadone Detox

At Medical Detox Center Toronto, we understand this problem. We offer patients, on methadone, the abstinence alternative. We implement a specially-customized methadone detox protocol for each and every case to safely detoxify clients off their use.

Opioid Detox

We have a specific program for Oxys users. Once again, we ensure our clients are in a medically-supervised environment. After detox, clients will be clear-minded and able to decide their next steps to tackle their addiction or pain issues.

Fentanyl Detox

We detox this addiction using specific protocols to help our clients overcome the side effects and symptoms of fentanyl withdrawal, while at the same time giving safer, more effective medication, to help slowly bring down the narcotic dosage.

Heroin Detox

Our clients are medically supervised throughout the whole process to slowly wean them off their addiction. We make sure clients get off their heroin addiction safely to be ready for the next step to recovery.

Cocaine Detox

We professionally detoxify clients from cocaine or crack by bringing them down from the high that cocaine gives and administering medications that slowly and safely provide a “soft landing”, with few side effects and a safe withdrawal experience.

Why Choose Us?

Detox is the critical gateway to recovery from drug and alcohol abuse.

  • We provide medical detox to a limited number of residents at a time.
  • We administer individually tailored medication detox protocols to achieve smooth withdrawal from drug and alcohol dependency.
  • We will help you get ready for a life without dependency.

Our Promise & Guarantee

We believe that addiction is treatable.

  • We promise you 100% guaranteed improved outcomes.
  • We promise you love and care from your counsellors.
  • We promise our guests a tailored, professional medical detox protocol and a comfortable stay.
  • We get our guests ready to go back to a normal life routine.
  • We help our guests pursue the next steps to an addiction treatment program through our exit plan.
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What Our Clients Say

“ This place saved my life. Wonderful staff, so caring in so many ways. So concerned about what happens to me after detox as they were energetically searching for best combination of my care. I would love to tell future potential clients how great this place is to help them get in and get better. Well worth the cost (check insurance coverage and tax claims also).”

“ My experience here was great, having had to detox from my drug of choice before, it is never an easy task. Medical Detox Center Toronto absolutely made things as smooth and painless as possible. I really could not ask for better surroundings.I would recommend this place for anybody looking for withdrawal assistance and a chance to start their life over again.”

“ Deciding to come to Medical Detox Center Toronto for alcohol detox has been the smartest and safest decision that I could have made. The doctor and highly qualified professional staff have made my stay comfortable. I am impressed with the duty of care that has been afforded to me. The generosity given has been very memorable. The people here have really made the difference.”

We are Here to Help You

Take The First Step In The Journey To Recovery!

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